Frequent questions and answers

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Lexingtøn Themes identified users on my account as unauthorized. What should I do?

If we got in touch with you about unauthorized charges and you think we have made a mistake, we will gladly look into this for you. We will have sent you a form that we need you to fill out in order for Lexingtøn Themes to revisit your account. Please fill out the verification form that was sent to you. Once you have completed the verification, we will revisit your account and follow up with you.

I recently received a request for my photo ID. Why does Lexingtøn Themes UI need this? What should I do next?

Lexingtøn Themes is legally required to complete what is called a KYC (Know Your Customer) Survey for every user that signs up, which includes completing identity verification for the person who chooses to be the owner, administrator, and representative of a Lexingtøn Themes account. These requirements are intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes. Usually, we are able to verify our users' identities automatically, but once in a while we are unable to and have to reach out for more information.

If you have not yet done so, visit the Verifications section of your Dashboard to upload your photo ID in your dashboard.

Why has Lexingtøn Themes placed a reserve on my new account?

Reserves are utilized to keep processing volume available within your Lexingtøn Themes account to fund refunds or chargebacks. There are several possible reasons a reserve may be placed at onboarding. It could be that your business operates in an industry or with a business model that potentially creates additional credit risk, even if you are not yet receiving chargebacks. Some businesses may also collect payment far in advance, creating additional risk. Most reserves are temporary, however, and we are happy to revisit if you provide additional information by replying to the notification email you received.

I just opened a new account but Lexingtøn Themes told me I cannot process payments yet.

We know how important it is to be able to accept transactions and payouts quickly in order for a business to continue running smoothly. Lexingtøn Themes is currently reviewing your submitted details so that we have a full understanding of your business. Unless we have requested more information, there is no action for you to take, and we will do our best to wrap our routine review up so you can get up and running.